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Tangent Games welcomes all comments and questions about our product, our company, or our website.
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Tangent Games is dedicated to designing all manner of games and products for gamers. Our first product, Ados: Land of Strife is a dynamic setting that will be expanded in future setting modules, bestiaries, regional books, and adventures. Tangent Games is always looking for new talent willing to work for a pint of ale and a warm meal (or at least a share of the credit). If you are interested in writing for Tangent Games or submitting artwork, please send a letter of introduction and a query to queriesATtangent-games.com.

If you are interested in writing for us, please be aware that Tangent Games is not currently accepting any new campaign settings or adventures set outside of the Ados: Land of Strife campaign setting. We highly recommend that you review the setting (ideally, we hope you will purchase our product) before sending us a query for a writing project. If you are interested in submitting artwork for future Tangent Games products we also recommend that you review the artwork in our current products to get a feel for the art we typically accept. A query for art and illustrations should include either a link to an on-line portfolio or one or two attached images so we may evaluate your work.

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