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"When your players head off on a tangent, shouldn't you be ready?"

Tangent Games was conceived by two long-time gamers, Coy Kissee and Geoff Habiger, in the hopes of promoting our own unique vision of what games should be. Coy and Geoff have have been game players (and game designers) for over twenty years. During that time we have played a plethora of games from RPGs and collectable card games to board games and computer games. We have designed our own games and modified the rules of existing games to suit our own needs. After much thought we finally decided that we needed to bring our passion for fun and exciting games to the public.

While Coy and Geoff have a passion for palying all types of games, we have a long held interest in playing RPGs. Unfortunately, in the many off-the-shelf game systems we have played in we have rarely come across the detail we were seeking in our games. This desire for detail is the driving force behind Tangent Games first product, Ados: Land of Strife. The Ados: Land of Strife campaign setting is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of detail we will be creating for Ados. Our goal is to have the entirety of the world of Ados exist on our website, available to be accessed by GMs and players who are members of our community. We feel that NPC shouldn't also mean "Non-Personality Character," so the level of detail we will create will be such that a GM can click through the layers down to individual homes of NPCs to learn who lives there, their stats, their goals and desires, and any adventure hooks that might exist for that NPC. Want to know the floor plan for the hovel across the street from the Temple? We'll have it. The layout for the next town the PCs will enter? It'll be there. Our aim is to create, with the help of GMs and players like you, a living planet that changes through time.

Coy Kissee has been a devoted follower of Urlak, the Collector for most of his life. His passion for collecting started with baseball cards, then comic books, then other sports cards and trading cards, and now encompasses all manner of collectable items. Coy's passion for collecting led to the founding of Wildcat Cards, a sports card and CCG store located in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1995.

During this time Coy has continued to be a devoted roleplayer, GM, and player of all manner of games. There are few games that he has not played. The seeds of what became the Ados: Land of Strife campaign setting were started long ago. Coy focuses his energy on developing new card games, playtesting products, and correcting all the grammar and spelling errors Geoff makes when he writes a new product.

Geoff Habiger was a follower of Nomgar, the Traveller for years, having lived in five different states in the past 12 years. With a young son in his life he now finds roots starting to grow, though the itch to travel still reamins. First introduced to Dungeons & Dragons in the 5th grade he enjoys playing all types of games. After spending long hours modifying the rules to the many games he played and complaining about the quality of some of the products in the market he decided to help rectify the problem. Setting himself up as a freelance writer Geoff has written adventures and designed monsters that have been published by Atlas Games and Childen of the Grave Press. Working to bring Ados: Land of Strife to life has allowed Geoff the creative freedom to bring his own ideas to the gaming community. Geoff focuses his energy on writing new d20 products and developing ideas for new card games.

Our Products would not have the vibrant feel and look that we have envisioned without the help of the artists who have graciously agreed to work for us. We couldn't do it without you, thanks.

Ados: Land of Strife    TG-0001

Mike Wagner: racial artwork: Anzimeer, Toumen, and Uarja.

Visit Mike's website (www.icondream.com) where you can see many of his pieces of art, some done for Tangent Games.

Liesl Davis: various NPC sketches: Divine Warrior, Linquist, Rune Master, Master Healer.

Liesl has been working as a graphic artist in Kansas City since her graduation from Avila University in 2001 w here she earned Bachelor degrees in Graphic Design and History. She has been doing freelance graphic work, writing, and illustration for the past six years. When not working, she enjoys collecting literature of lycanthropy, the vampire, and mythological creatures, and studying folklore, myth, and legend.

Brixbrix's Field Guide to the Creatures of Ados    TG-0004

Mike Wagner: Bojili, Coral Dragon, Crystal Hunter, Disciple of Pain, Sand Orc, Shura, Soul Stealer, Sun Dog, Temple Guardian, Varani (Character art).

Visit Mike's website (www.icondream.com) where you can see many of his pieces of art, some done for Tangent Games.

Jim Gower: Axaoktarock, Child of Tare, Crystal Drake, Falconfly, Ice Demon, Moonshadow, Natili (Character art), Nematah, Nihowesu, Osakis, Otakab, Rainbow Drake, Sand Dragon, Sejteocin, Singing Drake, Stonecutter Ant, Varani, Whip Scorpion, Issilor portrait.

Rick Hershey: Arcane Drake, Disciple of Pain (Template), Faveooa, Forest Drake, Frost Drake, Gossip Drake, Jackdragon, Lightning Toad, Mountain Toad, Lodestone Golem, Mountain Toad, Natili (Aurora Mage), Pyro Drake, Rock Drake, Seepiel, Shadow Drake, Thief Drake.

The Divine Order: Jute - Faith of Creation    TG-0007

Robert Allsbrook: weapons, weighted hair, weighted sleeves, general adventurer (monk)

Pierre Arseneault: Ados and Cralde fighting, The White Haven, dogma - paladin defending a helpless person, sin, religious relations, race relations, class relations, sanctuary door, Jute's pendant

Visit Pierre's website www.pcatoons.com

See some of Pierre's art here.

Dorotea Bagaric: exemplar baby, Luf'Shal, Festival of Life, ascension arrow

Graham Bottley: Esprit, Order of the Red Sash, Seeker of the Immortal

John Ryan Byrd: Jute, Jute's avatar, Jute's ascension, Book of Life

Glaucio Costa: Transcending Death, clothing, Seekers of the Immortal sect, spell - freeze, spell - transmute weapons to dust, cover art

Carter Dippold: exterior of Cathedral of Jute, interior of Cathedral of Jute, construct smiting feat, construct bane rod, spell - cause light damage, spell - cord of binding

Herb McGihon: praying at an altar, prayer symbol, fetishes, aspergillum, icons, Half-Orc cleric, stained glass window

Andre Navarro: barbarian, Church of the Inquisition sect, proselytize skill, spell - glue of Orus

Patrick Perez: rogue, Myriad sect, turn construct feat.

Robert Kirckof: Life Church Couple, Mold Breaker, and Necklace of Life Mother

Natural Wonders - Flora     TG-0021

Pierre Arseneault: Cover and all interior art.

Natural Wonders - Fauna Book 1: Aquatic Animals     TG-0022

Pierre Arseneault: Cover and all interior art.

Children of the Planes     TG-0035

John Ryan Byrd: Cover and all interior art.

Temple of the Forgotten God     TG-0013

Mike Wagner: Cover and all interior art.

Liz Courts: Cartography

Graham Bottley: Minitatures

While we wanted to do all the writing ourselves, this proved to be an impossibility. Once reality set in we realized that we needed the help of freelance writers to help bring our products to you. Our many thanks go out to our freelance writers whoses talent and imagination have helped bring our products to life.

The Divine Order: Jute - Faith of Creation    TG-0007

David Sanders: Prestige Class: Esprit

I am relatively new to this writing market; but I have been playing D&D since 1978. My writing credits include:
  • Lost Books #6, Raison D'etra
  • Lost Books #8, Wayreth's Lexicon of Walls
  • Lost Books #14, Mark of Light: all from Clockwork Golem Workshop.
  • En Arsenal: Flails, Maces, and Morningstars from EN Publishing
  • Writer and editor for Adventurer's Handbook from Nitehawk Interactive
  • Contributer to Koboldnomicon from Bards & Sages.

John Peterson: Prestige Class: Order of the Red Sash

Children of the Planes     TG-0035

Chris & Christina McCoy

The creation of Ados: Land of Strife and our other products would not have been complete without the dedicated support, comments, criticisms, and love of the game from our playtesters.

Ados: Land of Strife    TG-0001

Eric Doetzel, Sue Hemphill, Chris Morgan, Russ Cox, Misty Cox, Jim Bell, John Kubala, and Roland Stone.

Brixbrix's Field Guide to the Creatures of Ados    TG-0004

This product would not have been possible without the dedication, perseverance, critiques, and mind-numbing shaking of the head as we brought out yet another new and different creature to throw at our parties all in the interest of science. Or at least in the interest of seeing whether our player's characters could stand up to yet another creation of ours (sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't).

Jim Bell, Sue "I hate undead" Chambers, Justin Chambers, Tony Chambers, Misty Cox, Russ Cox, Eric Doetzl, Brian Johnson, John Kubala, Mark McCarty, Chris Miracle, Chris Morgan, Christine Sinkevich, Fred Sinkevich, and Roland Stone.

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"The door ALWAYS opens toward the cleric."